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· Doing Business in Canada was developed to provide business executives, foreign counsel and investors with an overview of the legal aspects of Canadian business operations. The information in this guide is current as of October and is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute a legal opinion or other professional advice.

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Osler’s Doing Business in Canada provides practical information about what you need to know and do with links to useful resources. Download the full guide, or create your own customized guide by completing a short questionnaire or by browsing and adding topics …

A Guide to Doing Business in Canada

As Canada’s business landscape is constantly evolving, this guide helps companies navigate the changing climate, and while there are many opportunities for companies interested in doing business here, there are legal and operational complexities to consider. This easy-to-use guide highlights current issues, regulatory and policy changes, legal precedents and trends affecting business owners.

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· Detailed schedules to the Export Control List, which itemize the specific controlled goods and technology, are included in the Government of Canada's A Guide to Canada's Export Controls, which is available online at

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A business may be carried on in Canada in various forms. Most commonly, a business being carried on in Canada by a foreign corporation would be conducted using a corporate vehicle, either a Canadian incorporated subsidiary or a branch operation of the foreign corporation. Depending on the nature and scope of the activity, the degree […]

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Blakes Guide to Doing Business in Canada Doing Business in Canada is intended as an introductory summary. Specific advice should be sought in connection with particular transactions. If you have any questions with respect to Doing Business in Canada , please contact our Firm Managing Partner, Rob Granatstein, in our Toronto

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Another potential lengthy process can be found in Canada’s contract enforcement. While Canada has a robust and transparent legal system, it can be challenging to enforce contracts in a timely manner. It takes, on average, days to resolve a delinquent contract in Canada, according to the World Bank's Doing Business report.

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Canada, by necessity, facilitates one of the most liberal trading environments in the world. Although an ardent supporter of the World Trade Organization (WTO), since the Doha Round of negotiations at the WTO faltered, Canada has pursued an ambitious strategy to expand its network of bilateral and regional trade agreements.

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· Guide to Doing Business in Canada: Mergers & acquisitions. 01 October Guides. View full guide » Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) Canada is an ideal location in which to establish and grow a business. One of the most common ways for foreign companies to expand to the Canadian market is through a merger with or acquisition of an existing Canadian business. There are a number …

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Essential Tools for Doing Business Around the World. The Lex Mundi Guides to Doing Business series offers valuable, information-packed resources prepared by our premier member firms that provide an in-depth look at business, economic, political and cultural trends in …

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Davies’ updated Doing Business in Canada is designed to provide executives, counsel and foreign investors with an overview of the legal framework governing Canadian business operations. This comprehensive guide outlines key considerations for investing and conducting business in Canada, particularly in Ontario and Québec.

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· View full guide » Business structures. There are three basic structures available: sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Foreign businesses may also conduct business within Canada through branch operations or a joint is the case in most common law jurisdictions, a person or entity wishing to operate a business in Canada can choose from several different business …

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When doing business in Canada, it is important to keep in mind that environmental laws are not uniform among the provinces and territories. Attempts have been made to harmonize certain standards and criteria; however, there remain many differences with which companies operating in more than one Canadian province or territory need to be familiar.

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Canada’s privacy laws fall into three categories: comprehensive private sector privacy laws, comprehensive public sector privacy laws, and sectoral laws. The most important sectoral laws are those dealing with unsolicited commercial electronic communications (SPAM), unsolicited telemarketing, and specific privacy laws regulating the collection, use and disclosure of personal health

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· Are you doing business in Canada or have plans to expand to Canada? Frequently, taxpayers are not aware that by selling into Canada, or providing services such as installation or marketing, they may be required to file returns and/or pay income taxes in Canada.

A Non-resident’s Guide to Doing Business in Canada

If you’re looking to expand you’re business north, you will be pleased to hear that doing business in Canada is relatively simple. Some of the benefits of doing business in Canada include: Relatively few import restrictions; No restrictions on repatriation of earnings and capital; No foreign exchange controls.

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Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider doing business in Canada, though, is that Canada welcomes business investment. Canada Welcomes Business Investment by Foreign Investors If you're interested in doing business in Canada, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service website is an excellent resource.

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Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG) is pleased to announce the launch of its annual Doing Business in Canada Report.. This guide provides an overview of Canada's legal landscape for non-Canadian businesses looking to establish operations in Canada or considering an investment in a Canadian business.

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his guide explains how the Canadian goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) applies to non-residents doing business in Canada. It provides guidelines to help you determine whether you are carrying on business in Canada, information on GST/HST registration requirements, and instructions on how to charge, record, calculate, and

Extra Provincial Registration: Registering a U.S. Company

When doing business in Canada, the first step is to verify the company’s ability to use its name in the chosen province and file the appropriate registration documents. This process is similar to, but not the same as, registering a company to do business in another U.S. state. Additionally, as is true of the states in the U.S., each province

Starting a Business in Canada When You're Not Canadian

If you are a non-Canadian who wants to start a business in Canada and live in Canada, you will have to immigrate to Canada or find one or more Canadians to team up with. The only way you can live in Canada permanently and operate your business is if you immigrate to Canada.

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own legislative assembly. An understanding of Canada’s business environment requires knowledge of both federal and provincial/territorial policies. Canada’s economy is diversified, with the service sector accounting for considerable output. The natural resources sector plays an important role in the economy, as it is responsible for more than

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Doing Business continues to show a steady convergence between developing and developed economies, especially in the area of business incorporation. Since , 178 economies have implemented 722 reforms captured by the starting a business indicator set, either reducing or …

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· We're pleased to let you know that we have updated our customizable, online Doing Business in Canada guide to include two new topic pages and one new section — all focused on what you need to know or do to establish or grow a business in Canada. We invite you to check out our newest Mining and REITs topic pages — bringing our total to 69 — and our new "selling to …

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The guide is the perfect starting point for any new exporter looking to invest and develop their business in Canada. Our CEO, Nigel Bacon, contributed by writing a foreword, highlighting the special relationship that Canada and the UK holds during this challenging business environment. Download your exclusive Member PDF version of the guide now:

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Starting a business in Canada may seem overwhelming at first. There are just so many things to do! This guide is designed to help you make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality.

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If you are thinking of doing business in Canada, do not mention your expectations for success based on your experience in the United States – Canadian business people will not appreciate the comparison. Be careful not to bring lilies as a present as they are associated with death.

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Canada is the third largest holder of oil reserves, after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela; and is the only non-OPEC member in the top five. Canada and the United States operate an integrated electricity grid under jointly developed reliability standards. Uranium mined in Canada helps to fuel U.S. nuclear power plants.

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Doing Business in Brazil A guide to help foreign investors. Understand how to invest or run a business in several ways in the country. Learn more about the types of taxes, regulatory market, labor legislation, stock and exchange markets, and other relevant topics for investors.

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· Buy CEO Guide To Doing Business In Canada by Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.

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DLA Piper's Guide to Going Global series is designed to help companies meet the challenges of global expansion. The series reviews business-relevant corporate, employment, equity, intellectual property and technology, and tax laws in key jurisdictions around the world.

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DOING BUSINESS IN CANADA Table of contents When starting or expanding a business in Canada, there are many things that you need to know and do. Osler’s Doing Business in Canada guide provides practical information, with links to useful resources, to help get you started.

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Doing Business Canada Page 4. Starting a Business This topic measures the number of procedures, time, cost and paid-in minimum capital requirement for a small- to medium-sized limited liability company to start up and formally operate in each economy’s largest business city. To make the data comparable across economies, uses a standardized business that is 100% domestically …

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· If you are looking to enter the Canadian market, Osler’s Doing Business in Canada guide is an essential resource. In today’s evolving business landscape, it

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This InfoPAK (now known as ACC Guides) provides a practical guide to a Q&A that gives an overview of the legal system; foreign investment, including restrictions, currency regulations and incentives; and business vehicles and their relevant restrictions and liabilities in Canada.

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· Guide to Doing Business in Canada: Securities law & corporate governance. 01 October Guides. View full guide » Securities law & corporate governance. Canada currently does not have a federal securities regulator, as other major capital markets do. Rather, each province and territory has its own securities regulatory authority and its own set of laws, regulations, rules and policies. The ...

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If you are doing business in Canada, it is essential to understand how the tax system differs from the U.S. sales tax system. As an introduction to some of the key differences, here are three tax facts about doing business in Canada that may take you by surprise. If you are currently doing business or plan on doing business in Canada, this

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Sure, we share a border and the primary language of English, but doing business in Canada is a whole new ball game. Before you set your mind on expanding your venture into the land of our northerly neighbors, here's a quick primer on where to begin your research to start a business in Canada.

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Canada Country Commercial Guide. This website contains a collection of published reports designed to help U.S. companies understand the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Canada. The links in the left navigation menu will direct you to the information collected on doing business in Canada.

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Forming an LLC has specific benefits for importing and exporting, so we’ll discuss it detail. However, the US has four business structures to choose from depending on your needs, use the business structure guide to figure out which is best for your import/export business.

Get this from a library! Doing business in Canada : a guide to Canada's business immigration program.. [Canada. Employment and Immigration Canada (Department). Public Affairs.; Canada. Immigration Program Development.;]

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Doing Business In addition, offers detailed , which exhaustively cover business regulation and reform in different cities and regions within a nation. These studies provide data on the ease of doing business, rank each location, and recommend reforms to improve …

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Doing Business in Canada was developed by McCarthy Tetrault as a basic guide to the legal aspects of establishing or acquiring a business in Canada. It is written for the non-resident businessperson, but with few exceptions, the same considerations apply when all parties are based in Canada.

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Deloitte "International Tax and Business Guides" and the "Highlights" cover brief information on the key economic indicators, business and financial overview. Additionally, the publications summarize significant business-oriented data in more than jurisdictions.

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Canada - Market OverviewCanada - Market Overview Discusses key economic indicators and trade statistics, which countries are dominant in the market, the U.S. market share, the political situation if relevant, the top reasons why U.S. companies should consider exporting to this country, and other issues that affect trade, e.g., terrorism, currency devaluations, trade agreements.

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BLG's Doing Business in Canada covers the Canadian laws and regulations that are most relevant to foreign companies and investors, and includes chapters on important topics such as foreign investment regulation, securities regulation, employment law Canada Government, Public Sector Borden Ladner Gervais LLP 12 Jan

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